Our Partners

Partners in the supply network
Growing numbers of manufacturers are outsourcing parts of their production and focusing increasingly on final assembly. On behalf of manufacturing clients, Forma Maschinenbau takes responsibility for machining operations, while our cooperation partners in the respective supply network take care of flame-cutting, laser, edging and welding work. The aim is always to supply the client with a component from a single source. Each partner brings their own strengths in their specialist area to bear.

Every day, as part of a cooperation alliance, Forma Maschinenbau supplies box-shaped carrier systems made of fine-grained steels with a yield strength of up to 1,100 N/mm² and up to 20 m in length.

The lasered edge profiles are prefabricated by collaboration partners who have large stocks of material and are equipped with the laser and edging units required to prefabricate the large-volume sheet-metal parts. The welding specialist then assembles the high-strength steels and welds them together with as little warping as possible. If even closer tolerances are required, the assemblies are first inspected and then shaped by means of elaborate processes.

Afterwards, the components are machined by us. The thin wall thicknesses place great demands on the machinists and machines. The thin-walled hollow parts are extremely sensitive to vibration and must be clamped with as little distortion as possible. This requires precise alignment of the unmachined parts so that the remaining wall thicknesses can still be maintained in the event of unavoidable distortion caused by welding. Finally, the components are painted and then delivered to the client’s assembly line just in time.

The necessary shipments between the well-coordinated partners function without any problem, especially as the majority of our partners are located close to one another.

In other cases, the degree of cooperation is even more extensive, starting with the design phase and ending with installation of the electrical systems, pre-assembly and final assembly wherever the end customer’s plant happens to be in the world. Forma Maschinenbau has been working hand in hand with cooperation partners for years in order to supply our customers with what is for them a one-stop product.