Our Strengths

Dimensions (up to 24 m), weights (up to 160 t) and a workforce of 60 are key figures that describe the services we provide.

Well-coordinated work processes, state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained and experienced employees guarantee optimum performance and results.

Operating to a three-shift model, we manufacture mass-produced and variant components just in time. We can also produce single-piece and series-production parts required at short notice, flexibly and in line with customers’ requirements.

The majority of our clients have been working with us over many years now. This fact, together with our vast experience in the field of mechanical engineering, makes it far easier to reach agreements and decisions.

Component parts are in good hands at FORMA Maschinenbau. Using the very latest in CAD/CAM design tools, we work with clients to analyse and, where necessary, adjust their requirements. In practice, the client’s own empirical values from the design phase and our know-how in the fields of machining and material properties complement one another.