Börger Pumpenbau

Among our largest clients on the series production side is Börger. www.boerger.de

Börger runs its own sales offices all over the world. As market leader, the company develops and manufactures rotary lobe pumps, feed pumps, macerating units (choppers) and steel tanks with associated accessories at its plant in Germany.

As an immediate neighbour, we at Forma Maschinenbau supply Börger’s assembly line with new parts on a just-in-time basis. We also manufacture, store and deliver spare parts and components to Börger as and when they are needed.

This close proximity is a massive advantage, but the processes and workflows can also be similarly replicated over longer distances, too.

We can gladly provide other examples of how FORMA Maschinenbau is integrated into production processes and, as a dependable supplier, provides optimum support for lean workflows.