Services We Offer

We provide customers from the mechanical engineering industry with single-piece and series-production parts either as a purely job-processing subcontractor or as a manufacturer of complete parts.

In two of our four production shops, large parts with a unit weight of up to 160 tonnes are machined on seven travelling-column milling machines.

The maximum machinable length of an individual component is 24 metres.

At FORMA Maschinenbau Zerspanungstechnologie, milling and drilling work is also conducted on cutting-edge, 5-axis machining centres with pallet changers for components of up to 1,600 mm in length.

Entire production runs of welded structures made of up to S355 structural steel are managed by our production engineering department and our very own welders. All primary materials, semi-finished goods or welded components made of special materials are procured together with partner firms and upstream suppliers.

3D model data provided is used to model components with the aid of our SolidWorks CAD/CAM software in preparation for fashioning complex 5-axis contours. And it goes without saying that we can also generate the necessary model drawings for our customers.

All documents, such as drawings, certificates and test reports, are stored in the document management system.

A brief look at our machinery reveals the technical possibilities we can offer you.

No less important than the X-Y-Z dimensions are the people who operate the machinery. We at FORMA Maschinenbau Zerspanungstechnologie put our trust in skilled workers. We have employees on our payroll who boast 30 years of experience in machining. Equally as important is the continuous stream of young, skilled mechanics who benefit and boost our team through their own vocational training and fresh knowledge. All of our machines are fitted with the same CNC controller, so that our staff are perfectly familiar with the machinery they work with.