Outstanding results are not necessarily guaranteed just because a company has certificates hanging on its walls. In an ideal world, they should be immediately apparent in every order handled and every product supplied. Did the supplier deliver on time, to budget and in the quality demanded? Did unexpected complications arise that had to be mastered? Ultimately, quality is the guarantee that one’s expectations will be met.

For our customers and ourselves, it is crucial that the umpteenth part produced is identical with the very first one. This consistency of quality at FORMA Maschinenbau can be achieved only by having qualified, motivated and skilled staff and by experienced managers controlling and monitoring the work performed. The three-shift working model in force and the ultramodern machinery in the production shops are ideal prerequisites for ensuring customer satisfaction.

And remember, we are a family-run business, so in the end, it’s the ‘boss’ himself who makes sure that quality and deadlines are kept to.

ISO 9001 2015 Englisch Rezertifikat